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The Lil' Limer is a wheel driven machine that allows you to control when and how much material to dispense. At 5 mph, with volume controlled handle fully open, the Lil' Limer will dispense 2 tons of lime per acre.

The machine has been tested on all types of food plot conditions and different materials. When Ben & Joel were satisfied with the machine design and durability, they decided to share the Lil' Limer with other sportsmen.

The Lil' Limer can be pulled with ATV equipment, lawn mower, or small tractor. Only six feet wide, the Lil' Limer is ideal for pine plantations or narrow roads and trails.

Although developed for wildlife food plots, the Lil' Limer can be used on gold courses, football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields, landscaping jobs or anywhere you need a lightweight machine that will not damage turf.

The Lil' Limer is a very low maintenance machine. Fiberglass hopper is rust proof. All metal parts have been powder coated. Wash and lubricate the machine after each use for a long useful life. Click here to see our video of the Lil' Limer.

Replacement parts are available and easy to replace.

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