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How much bulk lime will Lil' Limer hold?
Approximately 1500 lbs.
How do you engage the auger system?

A pin is inserted throught the wheel hub assembly which activates the auger. Remove the pin to transport when loaded.

How much lime will the Lil' Limer dispense?
At 5 mph, with volume controlled handle fully open, will dispense 2 tons per acre.
What is the configuration of the auger? I need a limer that can spread bulk lime and want to ensure that it is not likely to bind up at the bottom of the hopper.

The Lil' Limer has a fiberglass hopper which has thirteen 1 3/8" holes in the bottom of the hopper. The axle of the Lil' Limer goes through a 2-inch pipe which has a 2-inch x 1/2 inch x 1/4 inch blade welded to the pipe. Each time the wheel makes a rotation the spline wipes out the openings.This keeps the lime agitated so that it can free fall. The fiberglass hopper design will not allow the lime to undermine over the auger. Guaranteed.

The website states the limer is 6 foot wide. What is the height?

43 1/2 inches from the ground to top of hopper.

What is the opening measurement on the top of the hopper?
18 x 54 inches 3
Is there a lid on the top of the hopper?
No, we have not found a need for a lid. Lime will not bounce out.
Is there a mesh grading on top of the hopper?
What is the hitch configuration?

Tongue length is 4 foot. It uses a 5/8" x 4 inch long pin to attach to equipment - tractor, 4-wheeler, etc.

What is the approximate total weight of the limer when empty?

280 lbs.

Do you have a distributer in south Louisiana or southern Mississippi?

Yes.  See the following:

What is the cost of a limer?
$2,400.00 plus shipping