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1. Take a soil test on all food plots.
   A. Testing kits are available from your local extension service. 
         (Easy to do - just follow instructions on test kit.)
   B. You will have to list the species of the plant that you are going to grow on the soil test information sheet. 
   C. Soil test results will tell you if you need lime and how much is needed per acre. Also it will give you a fertilizer recommendation based on the species forage you plan to plant.
   D. Soil test should be taken well in advance of actual planting because of time required to apply lime and get food plot ready for planting.

2. Soil Preparation:
   A. A smooth, well prepared seed bed is very important. 
   B. If lime is required on plot, it needs to be disk into the soil. This will speed up lime reaction time with the soil. 
         (Always keep lime dry before applying.)
   C. Apply recommended amount of fertilizer. (Can be put on top of ground or disk in - not over 1 inch.)
   D. Plant seed and cover lightly for a smooth seed bed. 
   E. Food plots can be planted in Spring or Fall. Spring planted food plots are important food sourcs for deer during Summer while they are developing antlers and does are producing milk. Fall food plots provide food and attract and hold deer to an area.